“Without architectural plans, construction wouldn’t exist. And without construction, interior design wouldn’t exist. Above all, none of the previously listed would exist without the client.”

– Joanna Branzell

Joanna earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design from the University of Nevada, Reno.

She was able to launch her career after College, by learning the industries best practices from one of the premiere and High end custom home builders in Lake Tahoe. Ms. Branzell attributes much of her success to immersing herself in custom home building and construction by composing interiors for a custom home builder in the Truckee/Tahoe area for the last decade. During that time, she gleaned insight on complicated design/builds and the standards that are required to build these beautiful residences. 

Joanna Branzell is an interior designer who understands how to bring client's unique and creative visions to life using multifaceted design styles, in which to create warm and inviting livable spaces. Her design aesthetics amplify elegant warmth and cozy restfulness. Ms. Branzell’s combined education, experience, and attention to detail, proves her uniqueness is a staple for interior design and brings something else to the table in the Silver and Golden states of Nevada and California. With each interior creation, the home becomes a personal investment of hers, one that translates in her skill set to help and to create the perfect living environment for her clients and their families.

From new construction to remodels, Joanna is well versed in helping with any interior. 

With the help from the client or not, Joanna always provides a concept design packet. The concept packet is usually built by inspirational photos or ideas from you the client. After ideas of yours are discussed and you've given Joanna and her team your dreams. She will help curate a design packet that is packed and loaded with samples and drawings in which she discusses with the clients for a well rounded design intent. 

Joanna is also well versed in the construction field and what a builder will require first, second, and last for your project. Joanna likes to help streamline this process between builder and designer.

Anything you can think of Joanna and her team can help bring it together. 




“Joanna has worked her magic in two of my homes. I love living in the environment she created.”




"New thermally-infused ash decks were constructed off the kitchen and master bedroom to enjoy the property’s spectacular views. Joanna Branzell, design coordinator at Mark Tanner Construction, and Catherine worked to fine-tune the interior finishes. Some furniture pieces came from Tahoe City’s Alpine Home."

-Tahoe Quarterly

For Branzell, the goal was to design a home that spoke to her clients’ souls, while also referencing Nevada and its history. “The clients are well-traveled and have an immense amount of culture behind them,” she says. “I wanted to bring bits and pieces of their past, current and future life into the designs and selections of this home.”

- Tahoe Quarterly 2020 Mountain Home Award winner.



Joanna Branzell

President/Owner of Joanna Branzell Interior Design

830 Munley Dr.

Reno NV, 89503



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